Experience and relish the taste of unmatched Italian elegance through Eurolife Kitchens and Wardrobes Sydney.


The prestigious Italian designers demonstrate the true power of their talent and ingenuity in everything they do. Especially, when it comes to the details. It’s understandable for you to think that Italian kitchen designers will focus all of their attention on main kitchen elements both classic and contemporary. However, the truth is that they’ve saved the very best for last – the kitchen joinery. They didn’t take this part of their design work for granted, and as a result, we have surprisingly functional, and yet aesthetically superior kitchen joinery.

Kitchen Showroom in Sydney

One more time, we’ve opened our showroom door in Sydney to the respectable brand – Presotto Italia. And we just can’t help ourselves being surprised each and every time these extremely talented guys present us something new in the field of bedroom, living, or dining joinery. You can rest assured that these invaluable pieces for every kitchen design are true works of art and excellent examples of Italian unmistakable school of style. You’ll be blown away by the stunning attention given to all the details, which perfectly corresponds with top quality standards in this field. On the other side, the Italian designers don’t hesitate to boldly experiment with the nature-inspired materials, such as timber, stone, or metal.

The respectable school of design Presotto Italia doesn’t hesitate to express their flexibility, when it comes to the amazing flexibility of design, including the implementation of striking finishes and rich colours. When we combine these elements with the practical solutions for all fittings and accessories, what we get as a result are fully functional, surprisingly practical, and aesthetically superior joinery elements.

Turn Your Kitchen Design Ideas into Reality

Eurolife is the right place for you to be, if you want to turn your kitchen design ideas into reality. Our team is ready to closely follow your design plans with the adequate advice and recommendation of materials each step of the way. You’re going to be delighted to witness first-hand, how every single detail of our proposed kitchen design finds its perfect position and role. For us, every phase of the design process matters with no exceptions, including both planning and installation. We will make sure that our proposed solution matches your requirements, and especially your planned budget.

Our top class showroom in Sydney isn’t designed only to impress you with the most dominant kitchen elements, but also to prove with every piece of joinery that we have all you may need to reach your aesthetical ideals in kitchen design. There’s a reason, why the Australian homeowners prefer to obtain all they need in our showroom. We don’t give an advantage to any of the kitchen elements particularly, because we know that each of them matters with no exception. With the kitchen joinery you can give the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen design, or ruin it completely. This is something you should always keep in your mind, when setting up the priorities for your ideal kitchen design.